Posted on: June 20, 2011 11:26 am

Celtics Draft picks- Darius Morris

NBA Draft will begin June 23rd at 7 pm. And the Celtics are up in the first round for the 25th overall pick. the Celtics have  a few choices to choose from but in my opinion they should get they young gun from Michigan. Darius Morris. Darius Morris is one of the most improved players form last years sophomore class. His size and athleticism for his position is just great. He also has a great motive for the game. You don't see most college players play with the same passion he does. He led his Michigan Wolverines to the NCAA tourney this past march and he also almost led them to the Elite 8. But thats all done now. Its time for him to start a new chapter and its time for the Celtics to regroup. If they add Morris then Allen would be able to take a break.It would also give Doc Rivers a bunch of options for him. He could use Morris at the 3 spot as well. He could possibly play some of the Point too. The chances of getting Morris is high right now for the Celtics but the anything could happen leading to thursday. Anyways This is my pick if I were Danny Ainge. He gives you a ton of options and flexibility . Celtics should benefit from picking Morris and Morris would Enjoy playing for Doc and some of the most prolific names in NBA history.
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Posted on: May 18, 2011 9:38 am
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thunder up?

Whats wrong With this team? Last night as I was watching the Mavs- OKC game, I aked my self a few questions. One of them being why did RusselWestbrook miss so many easy buckets? When the Mavs went on that 16-1 run, russel Westbrook took 4 shots. The team missed 5 of them. Not only that but what happpend to rest of the team. To me its seemed as if they were playing scared in that 2nd quartere and the 3rd quarter.  and how can they let Barea just run around them like that all game. the guy legit nwent and scored 10 points in a row. IN A ROW! Not only that. The Bigs for the Thunder looked soft compared to the previous rounds when they were all energized and grabbing rebounds. Hopefully the Thunder will bounce back and fix this, But one thing they can't allow is the gaurds getting open for 3's and coming off of screens. They were getting abused last night coming off the screens. The Mavs were just attacking them at will and The Thunder couldn't stop it.

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Posted on: May 16, 2011 9:33 pm

Changes already being Made

The Boston Celtics have officialy signed a 5 year contract that will bring back head Coach Doc Rivers. This was a sigh of relief when I heard about it. I mean without my boy Doc where would the Celtics be next year. Without Doc would we see a Ray Allen or a Paul Pierce next Year? Those are the questions that keep popping up and those were the questions the Big 4 were asking themselves all year long. Now that one change has been made hopefully one or maybe even two more can be made.

First lets start off with Ray Allen. He is in his final year of his contract and is hoping that he could finish his career as a Celtic. Well, that may not happen Beantown. We all know about Danny Ainge and the type of movements and chagnes he "loves" making to the team and how he wants to build a team up like the Thunder and the Bulls. Young teams have been a key mark for this ERA of basketball. And with the aging Boston Celtics, we might as well just see a deal take in place on draft day.Dont be surprised if you see Allen up in the Trade market and dont be surprised if they want a draft pick out of it. This is all Danny Ainge "doin work". Appernently us Celtics fans dont like it but we'll eventaully forgive him. Watchout for major Changes on draft day which May include Jermaine O'Neal, Nenad kristic and My boy Ray Allen. If Danny decides to come up with something, then I hope its something that us Celtics fans can rejoice about.
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Posted on: March 28, 2011 9:05 pm

Playoff race starts NOW

The Celtics are currnetly in 2nd place in the estern confrence with a 51-21 record. 2 games behind the Chicago Bulls. (thought that would never come out of my mouth). ckeitcs haven't been as consistent as they have been ever since they had that trade. But things are starting to come together players are starting to get healthy and if DOc does it his way. He will rest the players some point at the end of the season. Hopefulkly the Celtics will clinch Homecourt for the playoffs and go all the way. "Its all about 18!"
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Posted on: March 17, 2011 10:55 am
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Celtics Win Big... with the help of Green

The Celtics were playing probably their best basketball this month. Facing the Pacers. They had a huge 2nd quarter from Jeff Green who had 13 and finished the game with 19. Jeff Green has been playing well above standards ever since we got him from the trade. People questioned why they gave away perk for Green. I know it was a heartbreaker but, boy do i like this guys energy and enthusiasm for the game. He runs up the floor faster than most of the guys that gaurd him and he hast got ot be up their for 6th man of the year. He has been avg. close to 134 points coming off the bench with the Celtics and that has really made some Celtics fans say "Wow".

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Posted on: January 18, 2011 11:51 am

Celtics close out Magic in style

The Boston Celtics add another win on the board. And finish it off in style beating the Orlando Magic. Kevin Garnett came back from an injury that was minor but was taken seriously. Kevin Garnett was a key player out their. He's defense was relentless and his offense was as good as it was before. With Kevin Garnett back the Celtics were playing the way the way they started the season. from start to finish. Rondo was the QB out their once again. Dropping 10 points and dishing out 13 assists. Another double double for him. Ray Allen was a key success to this win as well. going 3-4 from behind the 3 point line and scoring 13 of his 26 points in the 4th quarter. Paul Pierce was "quite" offensively but he had a couple of good defense plays and a key and-one to put the Celtics up 107-104. The Celtics closed this game out in style with Kevin Garnett's steal at the end, then lobbing it down the court to a wide open Ray Allen. Thats how the Celtics should close out games. Thats how they should close out games all the time.
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Posted on: January 14, 2011 3:46 pm

Bobcats vs Celtics (Pregame)

The Celtics will be continuing their home stand tonight with a game against the Bobcats . A team that has been struggling lately over the past few games. Some key things the Celtics have to pay attention to against this Bobcats team is Run N Gun team. The Celtics seem to be holding the ball what seems to be "forever" for them to get a play off.  They have to change that tonight. Some good news for the Celtics is KG might be on his way back. Some bad news is Jermaine Oneal is having surgery on his right now. Which might leave him out for a while (expected to return for the playoffs). This game might be one that people wont be tuning into, but something tells me these refs are going to be all "pretty" and call stupid fouls. Well it is what it is we'll just have to wait and see

Perdiction: Celtics-106
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KG to be back "sometime this week"

The Celtics have been slacking ever since KG has been gone. They arew 4-3 in the last 7 games without him. Well Celtics fans, thats going to change. KG has been their defensive leader for the last 3 years and is making his come back sometime later this week. With a healthy Rondo and an almost healthy Perkins and a fully healthy KG. I really see the Celtics being unstoppable. The defense will crank up a bit. Doc Rivers was asked if KG was ready to goe and Doc replied "he'll be back sometime this week". No need to get all worried Celtics fans. The Celtics are lookingto make a run for the top spot in the NBA.

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